Luna EMG

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Luna. Something that takes you to another world and lifts you off the ground – both literally and figuratively.

I had the chance to experience this on my own, courtesy of EGZOTech – the manufacturer of the Luna EMG rehabilitation robot.

I have to admit I was skeptical as I was on my way to test the device. After all, what is there a machine can do to help with incurable spinal muscular atrophy? As it turns out – a lot.

The potential of Luna was presented to me by Marcin Kliś and his accompanying team of qualified physical therapists from the IMIcare Medical Centre in Kraków (shout-outs to them!).

After a brief presentation of the capabilities of the device, we moved on to the testing. First, special diodes were connected to the relevant group of my muscles; then, Luna was adjusted to the height of my elbow joint and attached to my forearm.

The final stage of preparation before the exercise was the calibration of the various parameters of the device, such as the flexion and extension angles or the measurement of muscle strength.

Then came the most important part: switching Luna on. Lots of questions were popping up in my head. Slightly uncertain and stressed, I made the first attempt. The signal from my brain reached the muscle, my biceps contracted and… I did something I had not done in 17 years (!!!). With the help of Luna, my arm lifted – as if by magic! It was such a positive feeling that words can hardly describe it.

My head almost exploded with happiness! After so many years, my body had suddenly begun listening to me! For the duration of the exercise, I was in a world of possibilities, where disability vanishes and nothing is impossible! With Luna, you begin thinking about yourself in completely different terms. Where hope seems to have run dry, it springs up again.

I spent more than an hour exercising in various ways, which even included playing a game during rehabilitation. I’m sure both young patients and adults will like this idea.

The Luna EMG experience is truly life-changing. Of course, it does not give you full physical ability right away. But – it gives you hope that there are people out there who do not forget about others. People who are doing something incredibly innovative; something that changes everything! Literally everything, because someone who inspires your fantasy, shows you that nothing is impossible, takes your limitations away and gives you your long-lost hope back has to be someone special. Someone you just want to call a “dream builder”!

I want others’ dreams to come true as well. I want works of wonder like this to be available to as many people as possible. I want everyone to be able to experience this miracle of technology and genius on their own, just like I had the opportunity to.

Luna EMG by EGZOTech is not a work of magic. It was built by people – passionate visionaries, designers, constructors and manufacturers. It is a product of immense amounts of work, sacrifice and sleepless nights. People like this deserve our support and appreciation – let them be sure that things like this are worth doing!

More detailed information, including how exactly Luna works and where it is available to use, can be found on the EGZOTech website.

I cannot wait to meet Luna again!

Keep your fingers crossed for the good things that can happen!

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